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Luxury Scented Refillable Home Fragrance Perfume Reed Diffuser, Long Lasting Housewarming Gift - 100ml


Luxury Scented Home Fragrance Perfume Reed Diffuser Collection

See below our 7 new reed diffusers partnered with Delilah Chloe, each scent brings a different feel to your room. Buy one or buy a few, give them a try and find your perfect scent!

Seven Seas (Bergamot & Amber) - Seven Seas by Delilah Chloe Bergamot & Amber Reed Diffuser is hand poured using fragranced oils. Complete with 8 natural reeds.

Serenity (Lemongrass & Ginger) - Pour your favourite bubble bath and enjoy our Delilah Chloe Serenity fragrance. Close your eyes and soak away those daily stresses. Serenity is inspired by those dreamy days relaxing at the Spa. Designed to rejuvenate your aura.

After Hours (Tobacco & Oak) - After Hours by Delilah Chloe is a warm aromatic blend of smokey oak and sweet musky tobacco with a distinct traditional feel.

Botanical (Plum & Patchouli) - With fruity floral scents and a freshness of those Summer mornings. A true botanical essence.

Islands (Lime, Basil & Mandarin) - Our Islands diffuser will help you escape to a bright, fresh paradise with an enticing medley of zestiness. Pour the cocktails and let the fun begin!

Midnight Noir (Black Fig & Vetiver) - Midnight Noir creates the most sultry atmosphere with its silky Black Fig & Vetiver notes. Rich and earthy with opening tones of liquorice and anise, blended with crisp green leaf and citrus fruits. Coconut sweetens the tones of Cedar and Violet which dry to reveal a silky cushion of Oakmoss and Tonka, the true passion is revealed with the romantic Amber base notes.

Neptune (Rock Salt & Driftwood) - Neptune is the perfect scent for any space! Not only is this fragrance truly relaxing to help you find a sense of escapism, it’s also very light and refreshing!


Delilah Chloe reed diffusers last approximately weeks upon weeks if following our recommended tips! We recommend flipping the reeds weekly or when the fragrance becomes faint. Do not flip all the reeds at once, try flipping 3 to 4 each time to prolong the life of the reeds. We suggest keeping the diffusers away from direct sunlight and any heat source that will cause the reeds to dry out prematurely.